Car Finance

Having been active in the motor industry for over 45 years, one of the main problems we continuously encountered was the limitations of dealing with only one Financial Institution, as most Dealerships do.

We have had numerous experiences where a potential client has been rejected by a Financial Institution only to be accepted by another! With this in mind, EZY Car Finance was established to help prospective clients with a multiple choice of lenders to best suit their needs. By introducing them to a wide range of lenders such as Banks, Credit Unions & Finance Companies.

Depending on the individual circumstances of the client, EZY Car Finance will obtain the best interest rate possible for you.

Although the majority of the finance organised by EZY Car Finance would be for motor vehicles, we can also assist financing trucks, boats, motor cycles, caravans, home loans and personal loans.

EZY Car Finance has had numerous instances where by misfortune in a client’s past, sometimes by circumstances beyond their control, when unfortunately they have had credit defaults listed, court judgments, been behind in their payments or have had to declare bankruptcy, and their past history has seen them rejected for finance.

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  • Looking for the best interest rate Applying for finance for the first time
  • An Apprentice
  • Self Employed
  • Previous problems, i.e. Defaults, Court Judgments
  • Pensioners
  • Workers Compensation
  • Ex Bankrupt

We can process all applications anywhere in Australia and all applications will be urgently attended to, treated with strict confidence and an update on your application within 24 hours.


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